【经管院每周系列讲座第339期】Education curriculum and student achievement: theory and evidence


【经管院每周系列讲座第339期】Education curriculum and student achievement: theory and evidence

Title: Education curriculum and student achievement: theory and evidence

Speaker: Xuejuan Su, University of Alberta

Host: Bing Xu, associate professor, SWUFE

Time: 14:00-15:30, September 21, 2018

Venue: Room 412, Yide building, Liulin Campus

Abstract:We propose a theory of education curricula as horizontally differentiated by their paces. The pace of a curriculum and the preparedness of a student jointly determine the match quality of the curriculum for this student, so different students derive different benefits from learning under the same curriculum. Furthermore, a change in the curricular pace has distributional effects across students, benefiting some while hurting others. We test the model prediction using a quasi-natural experiment we call the G8 reform in Germany, which introduced a faster-paced curriculum for academic-track students. We find evidence consistent with our theory: While the reform improves students’ test scores on average, such benefits are more pronounced for well-prepared students. In contrast, less-prepared students do not seem to benefit from the reform.

主讲人简介:Professor Xuejuan Su is an associate economic professor from the University of Alberta. Her research fields are in public economics, economics of education, and economics of regulation.